At the age of 16, I discovered that my brain is wired differently from 99% of other people. I am a synesthete, which means I perceive vivid spatial images when I hear music. This unique ability has always been a fundamental part of my artistic life.

Over the course of 50 years, I have gained extensive experience working with all types of software, hardware, and state-of-the-art techniques to visualize sound in real-time. My goal is to make this experience accessible to everyone, including those who are not synesthetes yet.

Synesthetes exhibit measurable higher brain activity and are able to handle the high density of information in today's society with greater ease.

You can find more information about synesthesia and living with connected senses in this video:



I don't want to imitate aesthetics, but rather create them.
And create super-synchronized audiovisual spaces that collapse into a black hole in that moment of silence.
It's also advantageous that I am an audiovisual synesthete.
Music instantly creates a 4-dimensional sound sculpture in my mind.

A audioframe !




Since October 2023 i also make  the Music to my Live Performances & streams .