BLIND is an audiovisual performance group, consisting of HC Gilje and Kelly Davis, where the music and video is improvised for each performance. BLIND is rapidly gaining a reputation for their mindblowing interactive audio-video improvisations creating rich layers of colors, urban narratives and morphed dreamlike worlds which grow,transpose and are reconstructed in subtle ways. BLIND has performed at the ISEA2002 in Nagoya, Japan, the FlashArt biennale in Prague in 2003 and club transmediale in 2004, Berlin. HC Gilje is a Norwegian artist working with video in installations,experimental video,dance/theatre and live video improvisation. He is one of the members of the pioneering video-impro-trio 242.pilots which won the image award at Transmediale_03 in Berlin with the dvd Live in Bruxelles. In 2000 Gilje received a one year residency at the prestigeous Küinstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, where he produced the videoinstallation Shadowgrounds. He received the clip_award for best experimental music video made in Germany in 2002 by Viva,de_bug and the backup festival. The theatre piece Tigerhagen won the Hedda price for Giljes interactive video / set design in 2001. Gilje is also the visual motor of Kreutzerkompani.

The Blind DVD is available as Limited digital DVD Compilation of 333 limited editions eclusively released on the audioframes Label .




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